Who We Are
General Pest Elimination specializes in common-sense, least toxic alternatives to your insect and rodent problems. We lead the industry in non-chemical alternatives in commercial and private facilities.
Everyone can benefit from a green approach. Commercial facilities including "green buildings" will appreciate an emphasis on long-term solutions that reduce both pest complaints and pesticide use. For example, by inspecting and sealing gaps on the exterior of structures, pest complaints can be reduced by as much as 65%.

What We Do
We offer dependable, flexible, effective commercial pest control services. Clients can choose from a range of preventative and responsive pest management services, all delivered by trained and dedicated pest control professionals.
Contact General Pest Environmental Solutions today. One of our professional inspectors will come to your home or business at a time convenient for you and prepare a customized pest management solution. Call 1-630-369-0230 today, or email info@generalpest.com.
Commercial Pest Management Programs
  • Property Management Specialists - we are the industry leaders. We are industry leaders in providing pest elimination procedures in multi-family housing and service over 25,000 apartment units. We provide a pest log and all necessary forms to notify, prepare, and educate your residents. Regardless of the severity of your pest problems, chances are we have seen it before and solve it on a regular basis.
  • Advanced Bedbug Management - Featuring our NightTrack System
  • Healthcare Solutions. We specialize in developing pest control procedures in sensitive environments. We emphasize prevention; building maintenance and repair combined with thorough cleaning schedules combined with pest baiting procedures which results in no airborne particles and 100% control. Outside foundation treatments are sometimes necessary and are your first line of defense. We provide all pest logs and forms for proper record keeping and follow up. We provide employee in-services to educate about conditions that promote pest problems and how to prevent them.
  • Food Service. We base our food service procedures on a thorough inspection resulting in recommendations on sanitation, cleaning, repairs, maintenance, and procedures that support a preventive pest control system. We do not waste money on routine fogging or spraying of food handling establishments. Our services include baiting for cockroaches, ants, and mice, as well as finding building access routes for all pests and all types of fly control.
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Consulting and System Analysis
  • School and Church IPM Solutions
  • Wildlife Management