Watch the "How to Get Rid of Mice" video series and solve your mouse problem.

2 do-it-yourself videos covering the 2 essential steps.

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I've got good news for you – getting rid of mice is easier than you think.

    Hi. I'm Mark Hendricks, owner of General Pest Environmental Solutions. I've created two amazing, easy to understand professional videos that show you exactly how to get rid of mice and how to keep them out.
If you have a mouse in the house, you're probably fed up with the damage they can do. Tired of cleaning up mouse droppings – or worse, dead mice. Frustrated that you've hired expensive professionals to place baits around your house, only to have the mice come back year after year. You might also be annoyed that you can't find good solid advice on how to prevent mice – and you want to take action.

    If you want to solve your mouse problem, an hour of your time watching these videos will save you thousands of dollars and years of headaches.
These videos are the most effective do-it-yourself mouse control tools on the market, because I personally take you by the hand and walk you through eight real-life houses with mouse problems – and their solutions. I break everything down, step by step. I show you exactly how I approached each situation, so you can learn everything you need to know about how to get rid of mice and how to keep mice out of your house.

For over 30 years, General Pest has been professionally solving some of Chicagoland's toughest residential and commercial pest problems. We have solved literally thousands of rodent problems and we have a 100% success rate.

Watch these videos and you'll learn:

  • The two steps you MUST follow to completely get rid – and stay rid – of mice. Most homeowners do one or the other but not both!
  • How mice get in your house – the answer might surprise you!
  • Easy mouse-proofing techniques that you need to know to be successful.
  • The most effective tool to seal a mouse hole (HINT: you probably have this on your work shelf!)
  • Why baits are the way to go.
  • Where and how to place baits to get the best results.
  • and so much more!
You'll be able to solve your mouse problem once and for all. You'll have the confidence that you know exactly what you're looking for and what to do when you find it ... the satisfaction of doing the job yourself, correctly, the first time ... relief at saving thousands of dollars over what an exterminator might cost ... and most of all, peace of mind that you won't have to face mice again next year.

The videos are easy to access – just click on the PayPal button and you'll be directed to a special website. And they're inexpensive, too; at only $12.99/each or $19.99 for both, they're a lot cheaper than an expensive professional will charge you for a house call.

Download your videos today, and regain 100% control over your house. You do NOT have to live with mice! You WILL be more effective!

All the best,

Mark Hendricks

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As Seen in the Videos:

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